Italy Symposium 2012 Speakers

Speakers will include the Liferay Leadership Team, Liferay Partners, and special guests from the Liferay Community.

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Bryan Cheung, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Cheung steers the company's strategic direction and worldwide business development efforts as one of the founders serving with the company since its inception in 2004.

Joseph Shum, General Manager, Liferay Germany

Joseph Shum was one of the earliest members of the Liferay team, joining the company in 2005 as a software engineer and architect in the professional services division.

Olaf Kock, Senior Consultant, Liferay Germany

After being an active part of the Liferay community for two and a half years, Olaf Kock has joined Liferay GmbH as a Technical Consultant and Trainer.

Andrea Di Giorgi, Software Engineer, SMC TREVISO Srl

Andrea Di Giorgi works as a Software Engineer in the R&D department of SMC TREVISO Srl. He is mainly involved in the design and implementation of Liferay plugins, focusing on the User...

Mauro Mariuzzo, Senior Software Architect, SMC TREVISO Srl

Mauro Mariuzzo is a Senior Software Architect at SMC with extensive and deep experience with web technologies, middleware technologies and database technologies.

Paolo Valeri, Product Manager, SMC TREVISO Srl

Paolo has been with SMC since 1990 and has managed many of SMC's strategic accounts.

Riccardo Ferrari, Support Engineer, Liferay GmbH

Riccardo Ferrari is part of Liferay's support team that serves the customer base for all of Europe and Australia.

Paolo Marenghi, Head of Process, METID-Politecnico di Milano

Lavora in METID-Politecnico di Milano a partire dal 2001 con esperienze di editing di materiali multimediali e successivamente come Project Manager della Laurea onLine in Ingegneria Informatica.

Filippo Frignocca, Liferay Team Leader Ariadne

Filippo Frignocca is a Software Engineer and Architectural Consultant of Ariadne Srl. He has over twelve years of experience in developing web portals using open source java frameworks.

Marcello Torriani, CTO, Ariadne

CTO and founder of Ariadne, Marcello has been developing on web technologies since 1993 and since 1995 he has been facing complex portal projects, working on issues relevant at present day such as...

Antonio Bacci, CIO, Edenred Italia

Lavora in Edenred Italia nel ruolo di CIO dal 2008 con la responsabilità completa delle aree di sviluppo delle soluzioni applicative e della gestione dell'infrastruttura.